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Business Tax Extension

If your business is doing well in this economy, you cannot afford to let your focus stray from your income producing activities. This logic can be applied to distractions of many kinds. If you put forth a considerable amount of time and effort into preparing your tax returns for your business during this time of year, you can easily put that off for up to 6 months by e-filing 7004 Form for a Business Tax Extension.

Business Tax Extension can be used by

  • Multi-Member LLCs
  • C-Corporations
  • S-Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Certain Trusts and Estates

Trusts, and Estates are only able to apply for a 5 1/2 month tax extension; this is determined by which tax form they would be filing for their return.

Filing the Form 7004 does not mean that taxes do not need to be paid for 7 months. Taxes will still be due on the traditional deadline, but the tax return does not need to be organized and submitted until the later deadline.

This allows for more time to organize all the necessary paperwork and it also gives you and your accountant more time to make sure that you get the most out of your credits or refunds.

E-Filing Requirement

All that is needed to e-file form 7004 online is a basic understanding of your business, as well as a Tax-ID or EIN (Employer Identification Number). As long as your information matches what the IRS has on file, and there are no obvious errors, the application should be accepted within minutes.

About ExpressExtension

ExpressExtension is an IRS authorized E-File Provider. It is safe, secure and encrypted. The IRS has stated numerous times that E-Filing is the quickest and most secure way to file.

The great advantage of E-Filing 7004 Form is the speed at which the return can be accepted. Once the form is submitted through Expressextension.com. It is typically accepted within minutes of filing. If you are incredibly close to the deadline, this helps ease concern of late penalties. Instead of waiting on the postal mail to deliver this form, or driving to the IRS office itself, it can be stress relieving to submit the IRS form 7004 directly from your home or office.

Using ExpressExtension you can also be used to file

ExpressExtension lives up to its name in terms of speed once a return is submitted; it is typically accepted within minutes of filing.

How To E-File Tax Extension form 7004 Online?

E-filing a tax extension is easy as 1-2-3, and it can be done in just few minutes. Here's how it works:

  • The first step for filing the Form 7004 online is to go to expressextension.com, an IRS authorized e-file provider for business tax extension. To login, just click on the Sign-Up button. From there, just enter some basic information to set up your ExpressExtension account.
  • Fill in your business information. Just simple stuff here, like your business name, address, and your Employer Identification Number.
  • Select your tax year.
  • Input your estimated tax. If you don't owe anything, you're almost done. If you do owe money, expressextension can show you how you can get your payment to the IRS quickly.
  • Click Transmit, and you're done!

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